"What does Jeremy Think?" - a review

14 May 2021

Initially working with her husband in the year prior to his death, Suzanne Heywood has written a revealing, intensely human and affectionate biography of Britain’s leading public servant. More than a rounded picture of a brilliant man, it provides insights and lessons for anyone concerned with good policy and effective administration.

The powerful national upside of net zero emissions

11 May 2021

Major countries and the private sector are embracing net zero as the growth opportunity of the future. With Australia increasingly isolated diplomatically and economically, Morrison is feeling the pressure.

The Carbon Club exposes those behind Australia’s toxic carbon politics

21 November 2020

Transcript and recording of my review of Marian Wilkinson's outstanding investigation and assessment of Australia's recent climate policy failures on ABC Radio National's 'The Science Show'. 

Brexit: The incurable British headache that won't go away

13 January 2019

Rather like a computer game, once you escape one level of the Brexit game the next is even harder, with even nastier sword-wielding opponents around the next dimly lit corridor. But unlike a computer game, you can't turn Brexit off.

Paris climate talks could be a light in the darkness of terror

16 November 2015

With a country still in shock, and more than 200 innocent people either killed or receiving hospital care in Paris, it seems perverse to even turn one’s mind to what implications this horrific event might have for the international response to climate change.

Rio+20: Small steps could get us out of the climate quicksand

21 June 2012

First part of my two part assessment of Rio+20 and the role of the international meetings addressing global challenges

Rio+20: Multi-lateralism staggers; how to make it run?

20 June 2012

The second part of my two articles on how international agreements might be more effective in tackling international challenges 

"A fine legacy with one major flaw"

11 May 2007

Written as he left office, my reflections and assessment of the Prime Ministership of Tony Blair.