Highly effective leaders and professionals are always thinking, learning and applying insight

My role

Successful leaders and professionals understand themselves, their purpose and their environment. As your executive coach I can help you achieve a better understanding of yourself, your purpose and your environment.

Working in complete confidence, my job is to work with you to find and be your most effective self. How we work together is a design question which can be answered in our first conversation. Throughout my 30-year career I have worked with senior professionals in government, the private, university and not-for-profit sectors, developing and maintaining powerful relationships based on mutual respect and trust. This experience allows me to offer both practical insight and a deep knowledge of executive decision making, leadership and management.

I provide contestability, a ‘critical friend’ who asks the relevant questions and tests your decisions. As your executive coach I will help you learn, develop and plot the course. Always positive and driven to help you excel.


As your coach I will bring experience, openness, clarity, rigour, pragmatism and imagination. At our first meeting we will explore key questions including:

  • What is success for you?
  • How do you think?
  • Who do you trust?
  • What are the barriers you confront?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • How do you respond to pressure, to success and to failure?
  • What do you believe you do well?
  • How might you further develop and grow?

Success for the first discussion is to agree a way of working together which meets your needs pursuant to your goals.

Working closely with Nick Rowley I was confident that I was as well briefed as any leader could be

Nick is one of the most powerful and effective people you’ve never met. We have known and worked together for more than twenty years. Throughout this time he has been an enormous support to me and my work

I’ve seen Nick’s ability to inspire and lead people to deliver lasting change. I can think of no one more qualified or able to get the very best out of others

Nick, your intelligence and enthusiasm are both contagious and inspirational. Thank you

I recommend Nick in the highest possible terms. He is positive, outstandingly well informed and practically supportive

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